My Experience With Ladder

I've always struggled with keeping a moderately fit and healthy lifestyle. Between all the different jobs, and travel I've gone through, keeping a schedule has made it nearly impossible to feel positive about my wellness. I use to think going to the gym was the only way to "work out and get fit" which was a complete mood killer. I personally find the gym to be so intimidating. I feel like everyone is an expert and is watching me laughing (because I'm clueless). I thought many times of hiring a personal trainer, but they're so expensive and not as tailored to my personality or needs as I'd want. I think so many people feel this way and thats why I was so intrigued by Ladder. Ladder is the only thing that has begun to work for me, and make me feel so comfortable in the health and wellness department. 

My life has always been go go go! Sometimes I wouldn't get home from work until 2am, and now I'm always traveling. That was always my excuse, I never had time and there was no healthy schedule for me to fit wellness in. I've been testing out Ladder for a little over a month now and I'm absolutely obsessed! Finally I feel like I've found something that works for me at my own pace.

Ladder is super easy to join! Click this link to download the app

Use my code: MAGIC to get a 7 day free trial PLUS 10% enrollment


Once you make an account, you get to personalize your experience! You'll take a little quiz all about your health and wellness and what you'd like to achieve! For me personally I was interested in keeping my stress levels down, getting better sleep, keeping my body on a routine, getting active, and yoga/stretching exercises. I'm and extreme beginner, but needed to make some changes in my life for all the right reasons! I didn't want to just go to the gym and hope I was doing everything right. Ladder paired me up with my perfect coach Kerri.

Kerri created my own personal workout plan that I get to chose when I do, I set up my own calendar with weekly workouts, and daily promises. I have major gym anxiety, so Kerri made sure she gave me workouts I can do in the comfort of my own home so I can gain some confidence! The app also has how-to videos right next to the exercise! Talk about convenience! The app provides a messenger that you can speak directly to your trainer, I struggle with major lower back pain due to a car accident and Kerri makes sure to only give me exercises I can handle, as well as stretches to help better my back! 


I make specific promises to myself right on the app that I check off daily, helps me keep myself in check! I have some pretty bad habits like not drinking water, and sleeping in very late! I set daily promises to drink 3 glasses of water, wake up at 10am, and be active for 30 min outside daily. Although they may sound small, these little promises have made huge impacts in my wellness! 

I'm super excited to continue my journey on Ladder, and my journey to a better healthier lifestyle. Wether you're a beginner, intermediate , or expert Ladder has something to offer everyone. 

 Download the app and give it a try for free with my code: MAGIC








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