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Quick Photo Edits

It's F R I D A Y Oh hey!

So, I'm trying to do this thing where I'm blogging on Fridays! We'll see if I can keep up lol....  Well in fun news I'll be in Disneyland February 15-18th Woot Woot 14 more days !! Also I'm seeing Lana Del Rey today! (in line as we speak{as I type? lol} I've been here sleeping since 2am! 7th in line is not too bad though! 


Okay! So I get a lot of DM's about how I edit my photos! This is in no way a professional edit at all, just some tricks I've learned and a good FREE app to use to keep your aesthetic on point! 


APP  ---- LightRoom CC

I love this App because it's so user friendly! I'm not a photographer, I use an Iphone X for ALL my photos! So this is just a nice quick way to touch up your photos! Its completely FREE which is amazing! 

Okay so When you open the app it brings you to the main page where you can upload from your camera roll! That Blue button in the bottom right is where you can upload! (as you can see I already have a bunch loaded in, yours will be empty)

Once you've chosen your photo you have a BUNCH of options on the bottom, I always start with "Light" (Unless you need to crop or straighten your photo) In this case I didn't. So I generally like my photo to be light and bright, I'll show you how I do that! 
First things first lets make this photo nice and bright! The key to making your photos super bright is really bringing up the exposure! I tend to always have a high exposure and highlights! 
Next I head over to "color" thats where you can start playing with the tones of your photo
As you can see I've adjusted the Temp to a more "warm" photo I love the pink tones! 
I always used the "tint" to make it more a pink/purple tone.
Then I ALWAYS kick up the vibrance so its fun!
While we are in "color" you can press "color mix" up at the right to go into each color and change those!
Here I'm making the greens more vibrant in the background 
After you've edited all your colors I like to go into 'Effects" Since I use my iPhone, I like to add "Clarity" just to sharpen the photo up and make it look more professional!
And there you have it!
          A F T E R !
Let's do one more thats a little more fun! I'm gonna make the purple wall actually look purple and vibrant! These stunning ears are from ( @earsbyeden)
So we start out with the original basic photo 
This time I'm going for the "color" first, that way I can find my perfect purple shade before I start lighting! I'm also going to brighten the greens, yellows, and blues on the ears! 
Okay, now that the colors are all pretty, lets lighten this up! Again, I up the exposure A LOT as well as the highlights! 
There you go! the perfect purple wall pic! 
I hope you've enjoyed this quick tutorial for a fun Iphone edit!

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