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Carsland Style

Get Your Style On, At Route 66

CarsLand is without a doubt my #1 spot in DCA! The treats, the rides, EVERYTHING! Theming on point! There's SO many style options throughout the whole land! I find so much inspiration, and could style these areas over and over again! I was going to write a post on my outfits from my most recent trip to Disneyland, but realized I had 4 outfits for Carsland alone! Hahah whoops, so instead I'm dedicating a whole post to Carsland Style!

Flo's V8 Cafe

All things bubblegum pink and blue! This is my #1 spot! Seriously nothing beats these pastel dreamy colors! I went all out mixing and matching my blue top, and my light pink plaid skirt! Comfy and cute! 

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Cadillac Canyon 

B R E A T H   T A K I N G 
Seriously makes me think I'm not even in Disney! Always so impressed when I hangout in this little back area. Not to mention the cacti are beautiful (hence the cute pullover)! I could sit back here, sip on a "Pear of Dice" and watch the cars zoom by ALL DAY! 
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Off To The Races

Radiator Springs Racers is one of the BEST rides in DCA and I wanted to put together an outfit that inspired just that! Something bright, fun , and well of course racing stripes! 

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Gingham Roadster  

I have so many mixed feelings about this look! Only because while taking this first picture, my purse was stolen:/ Gingham is the PERFECT way to mock racing stripes in a fashionable sense! (plus, how could you go wrong with gingham) I adore these pants, they're the perfect addition to anyones closet! I cant wait to work on my next look with them!

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 I'm such a last minute shopper when it comes to Disney outfits lol! I walked into Forever 21 and put together ALL of this while shopping! Best part is, you can own all 4 of these outfits for $120, talk about balling on a budget! I can't wait to reuse these pieces a new style look! Thanks for reading lovelies! As always if you have any questions about these outfits, or want to see more just comment below! 


Oh! I almost forgot, to thank you for always reading, and following along on my adventures I wanted to offer a coupon code! Use code: AMAZE15 FOR 15% OFF you next order , because y'all are AMAZING! 

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  • Ibaleze

    Hey there! I LOVE this post! I always wonder where you get your wonderful outfits, and I would love to see more like this! I’d also like to see posts about how you take your wonderful photos

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